Jamaica Flux: Workspaces & Windows 2010 Art as Action

(Jamaica, NY, March 17, 2010) – The third iteration of Jamaica Flux: Workspaces & Windows will open on April 10, 2010. The contemporary art project of the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (JCAL) is a site-specific, public art exhibition that is mounted every three years with the intention of using the urban environment as a studio and exhibition space.

Founded in 2004 by JCAL’s curator, Heng-Gil Han, Jamaica Flux includes the commission, creation, and exhibition of site-specific projects, that are installed at a variety of locations along Jamaica Avenue, including banks, stores, street intersections, parks, and other public spaces.

The selected works conceptualize this year’s theme, “Art as Action.” Artist perspectives will include art that references the tradition of gestural “action painting”; art that literally performs an action, such as a performance or event; and art that aims to solve social problems through constructive action, as opposed to art that merely represents or symbolizes social problems.

This year, Jamaica Flux Workspaces & Windows 2010 will include work by Hyong Nam Ahn, Ilona Granet, Robert Morris, Lia Perjovschi and Freddy Rodriguez.

More information at www.jcal.org