Disband has just returned from South Korea!

We were invited to show and perform in the Incheon Women Artists Biennale.


And then we stayed for 5 extra days to see where we were. Fun and intense as you might imagine. Now I am back attached to the ceiling at the Swedish Consulate. 2 weeks with Martha and Diane rehearsing and eating and wandering. Quite wonderful. I bought new glasses. Tried to come back with a little white poodle that walked and galloped around with its back left leg straight out. but only a fairytale.

It was August 1st 2009, that we performed for the opening and the show is up for the month. Safe signs. I think looked good. But i heard more about the performance. The artists voted us best and most popular for their evening awards ceremony at a little local bar. Now I can die happy. We now dream of doing an all asian tour, if only i could spell the cities i would tell you.

We have a new song, "Lost and Found" in honor of Clinton the dog, and my mom. We do the minuet.